Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bug lights and tick bites.

Since the flood, we are just covered up in mosquito's here. It's been so wet, mowing is not a option, so the skeeters have full reign. ZORRO purchased a bug zapper from a local merchant and set it up near the pool area, as he is spending a lot of time there. Bess is afraid of the bug zapper. Oh woe is me....this big bad barking chow is a big fraidie-cat when the black light goes on. All night long, she's by the bed, panting, whining, and pawing. She needs therapy. She needs therapy bad.

Tomorrow is the last day of my meds for the Tick Fever. I've been about to go crazy in this house. I'm constantly looking for things to do. I've spent far too much time online and am dreaming about Bedazzle and Collapse. This morning I'm defrosting the freezer. The ice maker is down to just crushed ice, so a good defrost might get it all running normal.

I have ventured out a couple times during my fever. Did you know if you sit on the floor in Lowe's, everyone who walks by will ask it you're okay? Employee's and customers alike. I was asked a dozen times. And I was okay...just weary of waiting for ZORRO to shop.
I also went to OSD's (Oldest Step Daughter) for a birthday party for the 2 little boys, (Jason and Riley). It slap wore me out.

I hope to get my strength back soon...and get back to my gardens and fun in the sun (aka...yard work).

Peace...and be bug free.

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