Wednesday, January 27, 2010

New Business

ZORRO and I have been working our butts off this month. Generally we have a respite for about 5 weeks after the holidays. Well...not this year....January has been a record month for us. It's provided me with a new surprise monitor...HD BABY.....sweet of my Honey to think of it....after about 40 hints. He's a good man.....he listens....

I've yet to get Bess to the vet....just too the meanwhile, she's deposited 3 moles and a rabbit on my den rug. She's a big game this is small fries for her.

Life is is at it's best....

Monday, January 4, 2010


The sweet sound of silence.

Everyone is back into their regular schedule...I have my house to myself and all is right in my world. It's been a bit crazy with family and friends extending the holiday to the very last minute.

We're having freezing temps everyday, with beautiful sunshine. ZORRO keeps asking me to go pick up pizza. Even tho we're only 7 miles out of town, we can't get delivery. We want a pizza....we BOTH are big babies when it comes to cold weather.

I guess it's a ham sammie for us.