Tuesday, February 23, 2010

After the storm.

Winter seems to be receding. Finally. I love all the seasons, but this winter has been very harsh on our property. Our trees suffered, as well as our roof. A multitude of mice moved into my garage, it has been so cold and wet. We started the clean-up on Sunday. All day we picked up, put up and cleared away. We're down to the final tree to be cut and removed. I've tried to encourage ZORRO to have a professional do the job. Trying to save my life here. A project (read tragedy) of that size, with the required chainsaw, ladders and come-alongs is certain to shorten my life span. Not that My ZORRO would ever harm me intentionally....but it just seems to happen. No, I'm not generally accident prone. Again....it just seems to happen when a "project comes up.

My daffodils are sprouting, as well as my surprise pinks. Although it's still very cold at night, the days are warmer, and obviously longer. I'm watching the clock, and the sunset. Spring is nearly here.

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