Monday, December 21, 2009

It's been a busy couple of days.

WOW! The Christmas season is upon me and I've been so busy. Between working with ZORRO in the shop, shopping, socializing and celebrating ZORRO's birthday, I've haven't had a moment to myself.

We have had very cold nights, but mostly sunny days. I sure need that sunshine! I need to get out to pick up sticks in the yard, and finish the raking the Little Boys started. I hate picking up sticks. It was a standard punishment in my childhood, as we lived in the middle of a Pecan Grove. There were always sticks. Now I have about 30 trees in the backyard, and there are sticks aplenty.

Today I am perusing my favorite new book. The Pioneer Woman Cooks. ( also see It's a beautiful book, and I hope to be able to cook some of her fine meals for my ZORRO. Of course, I'll have to take him in for shock therapy after. Because shocked he will be if I produce a nice meal. I will also endeavor to make cookies this week, as we are hosting the family for a Christmas Eve dinner. My goal is to impress.

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