Friday, July 2, 2010

So ZORRO bought Bess a new snack....

It's a an oreo...made with's how it went...

ZORRO: Bess, look at this, it's a cookie. Here's how you eat it.

He proceeds to twist the cookie, like you would an Oreo, and he shows her the 2 parts.

Bess: *waggin, smellin, smilin*

ZORRO: You lick this part, then you eat the rest.

Bess: *waggin, smellin and smilin*

ZORRO lays the 2 peices on the floor between her paws...she gobbles...and their gone.

ZORRO: You didn't even lick it!!! Let me show you again.

I think this could go on all night.

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